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Loving Yourself

Loving yourself. Do you actually love yourself or actually like yourself? It’s an important question to ask yourself at any point in time in your life. But why is it important to ask this seemingly easy question.

Well, because interestingly enough many people are not behaving like they love or like who they are. For example if you stop and think about how you treat others do you actually treat them better than you treat yourself. This is more commonplace than you might realize. People seem to be better at being kind, caring and compassionate with others than they do with themselves.

If you find in asking this question that you feel you are not loving yourself, here are some tips on how to start to treat yourself better.

1) Make sure your inner dialogue is kind towards yourself. If you find yourself being critical or down on yourself, start to change that. When you notice yourself saying something negative or bad about yourself, change that to something positive. Remember to be kind to yourself.

2) Do something nice for yourself - buy yourself some flowers, a special food that you love, or treat yourself in some other way. Often doing something nice is not about spending money but rather the message in the action.

3) Take an inventory of the great things about you. If you find this difficult ask friends, family or colleagues for input on  what they love about you. This is often a touching experience as we often don’t recognize in ourselves what others might see.

Start with these tasks and then come up with some of your own ideas of how to be loving and kind towards yourself. Have a great day loving yourself.

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