What is counselling?  Counselling is a process of meeting with a counsellor on a regular basis in order to work through life's issues or challenges. Appointments are set up on a schedule that works for both you and the counsellor and that allows for the issue to be addressed in a timely fashion. It requires the individual to wish to talk about their challenges and to want to spend time reflecting and problem-solving in order to find resolutions. There may be time spent by the client outside of their sessions on tasks such as reading, writing, reflecting, or engaging in creative endeavours.


How does it help me? Counselling helps an individual to find their own unique answers to their issues or challenges. It promotes healing and health on the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual levels of living life. Most individuals report a higher level of life functioning and a more open and happier approach to life due to counselling.


How many times do I need to come to counselling? That is usually decided at the first session as it is dependent on what the client wants to work on. Some clients come for a short number of sessions while others stay connected for an extended number of sessions. Many clients view counselling as they do other aspects of their life such as their relationship with their family doctor and they develop a relationship with their counsellor that extends throughout their lifetime. They come in and out of counselling as they need to through life's challenges and transitions. Their story is always remembered and honored and carried forward in their counselling.


How do I make an appointment? Please contact Cheryl to set up an appointment. Inquiries are returned promptly. Daytime appointments available from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Phone or text (519)636-6179, or, email clstewart@golden.net. 

Cheryl Stewart Counselling, 678 Grenfell Drive, London, Ontario N5X 2C5 

519-636-6179, cherylstewart@execulink.com