Cheryl uses a multi-faceted approach to counselling focusing on what the individual client needs to resolve their issues and life concerns. This may include such techniques as talk therapy, dreamwork, journalling, cognitive-behavioural techniques, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), and meditation and relaxation. The focus is always on reducing emotional stress and difficult thoughts as well as building coping strategies and developing a stronger approach to life.


      Cheryl uses a gentle, caring and yet sometimes challenging approach in working with clients. Clients will find understanding, compassion and support in their counselling sessions which will foster and strengthen their own understanding in life as well as their unique capacities.


      No issue is too big or too small. The following list of solvable concerns is just some of the work Cheryl does with clients .... grief, sadness, life losses, relationship issues, self-esteem, spirituality, sexuality, trauma, abuse, and parenting issues.


      Results that can be achieved through working with Cheryl include: a stronger sense of yourself, more clearly defined life values and goals, a healthier lifestyle, fewer negative feelings and thoughts, a more positive outlook on life, less stress, and more meaningful relationships in your life.

Cheryl Stewart Counselling, 

678 Grenfell Drive, London, Ontario, N5X 2C5