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ImTT training

In June I participated in a weekend training seminar called Image Transformation Therapy. It is a new therapeutic technique developed by Robert Miller from the U.S. It is designed to relieve and reduce stressful and distressing emotions while also deconstructing stressful images from the psyche.

This treatment is easier for both the therapist and client. The client does not have to feel the stressful feelings in order to get relief. It is faster than some other types of treatment and can be used for psychological and emotional problems that have often been too difficult to resolve.

This technique uses visualization and breathing. Clients often feel relief from their emotions and more relaxed with just one treatment. Once the stressful emotions and images have been reduced the client’s more natural sense of self can shine through and they often then begin to make changes in their life that reflect their more natural self.

As a psychotherapist it is wonderful when tools and treatment such as ImTT come along which offer relief for clients and also make the work less stressful for the therapist. There is less chance of burnout and compassion fatigue when we are able to use these types of techniques.

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