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Parenting wisdom

A regular part of my practice is to help parents delve into what is happening with their children. Any stresses or difficulties with children is often seen in their behavior and is labelled as “acting out”. And parents often feel confused and overwhelmed with unusual behavior from their children.

In some of my recent reading on the topic of parenting, I came across a gem of a book with not a novel idea but one that maybe many parents have forgotten about. In our present world, children are often shuffled around to various activities and the whole family is on a super fast pace.

The book “Simplicity Parenting” by Kim John Payne and Lisa M. Ross, posits that children’s lives need to be simple and less stressed. They propose turning off the technology including the television and letting children just play. They also suggest paring down their “stuff” and most of all their toys. Having a few things to choose from is better for them. They also discuss the value of a routine that is the same every day which provides a sense of safety and reliability for children.

These authors who work with children and families have seen many positive changes in children who have been struggling with such issues as acting out, attention deficit, and hyperactivity. They claim that less in their lives raises calmer, happier and more secure children.

It’s just a thought. But maybe today’s families could benefit from their wisdom and their ideas. 

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