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Another cold January day.

It’s January in Southwestern Ontario and its cold outside. For most people, their holiday bills have caught up with them and so the days may seem even colder and gloomier. This is the time of year when people suffer most with feelings of sadness, negativity and maybe even depression and anxiety.

So what is the cure?

Here’s what can help. When you find yourself struggling ask yourself these questions - What are 3 things that are right in my life? What am I most grateful for?

By asking one of these questions you can start to put a positive spin on your life and find a new perspective. This then allows the brain’s problem-solving ability to open up in order to find solutions to problems. You may find yourself smiling or saying hi to a stranger.

Enjoy your day and find some gratitude. It goes a long way towards making life much happier and simpler.

Posted 461 weeks ago
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