Couples face many challenges as they move through their relationship journey. Many couples wait to seek professional help in their relationship until the dynamics are often quite negative. Seeking help sooner rather than later is essential in saving your relationship and building it into a strong, healthy and wonderful connection.

In coming to sessions for couple counselling, you will work on the following which will enhance your relationship.

  • Communication - how to talk to each other
  • How to behave in a loving manner towards each other
  • How to grow as individuals while remaining in the relationship
  • Conflict resolution - finding solutions
  • How to embrace your partner's differences
  • How to negotiate a middle-ground when you don't agree
  • Superior listening skills
  • Empathy towards your partner
  • Develop a partnering plan (when appropriate) that you can both agree on
  • Set goals for your life together as well as individual goals

Call me today to begin the process of having the best relationship you can have.

Cheryl Stewart Counselling Services
678 Grenfell Drive, London, ON N5X 2C5


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